Berlin – 2016-2017

Weißensee Kinderkrankenhaus

002In the beginning of XX century, child morality sharply increased, and, as a consequence, in 1909 the first municipal hospital for children was built in Prussia to tackle this problem. It was one of the best places of a kind, and it remained so for almost 100 years, until the closure on the 1st of January, 1997. Since that moment, a padlock appeared on the gate. A building without the owner was crumbled away with age, when in 2005 it became property of a Russian investor. However, the company could not perform its renovation duties, so there was no progress in the situation.

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Bus studio

berlin_2016-1402If you are looking for a nice place for your personal development, probably you should visit the former garage which is a centre of modern studios at the present.

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Flak Tower Humboldthain

14303784_1592772814352775_925351901_oFlak Tower Humboldthain is a popular city landmark well-known all over the country. The Tower itself and surrounding park demonstrates a good example of postmilitary transformation and alternative usage of urban space.

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14249224_1107502869314803_353629171_nA former DDR broadcasting complex, which now re-used as a space for artists and cultural events     

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Mauerpark_graffiti workshop

20160830_115922The place for our workshop was part of Berliner Wall that is 30m in length in Mauerpark. We have made there graffiti under the leadership of experienced street artist Barack Moyal, with whom we explored a lot of curious things.                                            

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Priesterweg Park

trainThe Schöneberger Südgelände Nature Park is an excellent example of post-industrial transformation of urban space. About 60 years ago it was part of a huge switchyard. Now you can find here a beautiful forest area with a lot of attractive public spaces, street art, open air activities.

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Rigaer Straße

img_7766It is a Berlin street which is very well demonstrated the modern atmosphere of the city. There is all: history, classic and street ART, non-formal communities …

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ZK/U- Center for Art and Urbanistics


Art resident and open space for public events





Fabrik Osloer Straße

IMG_1506A former amunition factory in Wedding district, now used as a place for living and multiple social initiatives

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ECF aquaponik farm systems or how to make our life healthier


Are you afraid how food from a supermarket influence your health?

So you should consider alternative business and production model – ECF aquaponik farm. And no doubt it is fully about sustainable urban development.

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Round table at KuBIZ

0001Why do cities need urban spaces? How to involve people in a social initiative? What is sustainability from point of view of communities and volunteering? Should urban spaces be opened to everyone or only to locals? These questions were discussed at the round table, which took place on 29th of August 2017 in KuBiZ.

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Urban gardens and the city


Traffic jams, crowded streets, a lot of stress and routine cares… But what if you want to relax, to breath the smell of flowers and to pet a funny lamb right now? Berlin can make your dream come true. Urban garden is the oasis of peace and silence in the city.

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