Theater is an informal educational method, which could be used to introduce to the audience the idea of urban space. Through the interacting with the environment, the participants could explore the area and learn about the relationship between citizens and urban space, between private space and public space in the city. Using role-playing, acting, performance this method provides good connection between the topic and personal emotions.

Space trip     Private/public     With closed eyes

Discussion is a useful method to clarify possible questions the group has about the topic. It allows to think about a subject, in depth, and in limited time. Various ideas about urban space can be intriduced and discussed with this method. It offers opportunities to test your ideas and opinions and get inspiration from thoughts of other participants.

Debates     Round table

Field research is the collection of information outside the working place. The aims of the field research can be exchange of experiences, spreading information about existing projects or initiatives, awareness of sustainable living, ecological and social problems, social activation and development of communities ets. A field research includes such forms as an iterview or as a project visit.

Project visit     Interviews

Modelling is a method of cognition, consisting in the creation and study models. Mapping is a method of placing the elements of the study case relative to each other and searching for connections between the elements. Both methods, mapping and modelling are coming from the profession of an architect. But like a kind of tool it can be used for preparation before a field research or like a visualisation material for doing some tasks.

Modelling and mapping