Tepeeland. Urban Space. Berlin, 2019

Teepeeland – a place in the center of Berlin with a feeling of freedom.

In the center of Berlin, just a few steps from the East Side Gallery, there is located a unique place which is called Teepee Land. This area attracts the attention of not only its neighbors but also tourists, locals, and urban planners.

What makes it special and who lives there? We tried to get these and other answers from the first resident and founder of Teepeeland – Flieger. A man of 60-70 years old with long gray hair and a friendly smile told us that Teepeeland has existed since 2012. That times he noticed this beautiful place by the river and decided to settle there, as the area was empty.









In the beginning, he was alone. As the form of his living building, he decided to build tipi. After few time one his friend joined him, and then other residents came

The idea of ​​the area is to live in harmony with nature, enjoy life and help those who need housing.

In this place, they have everything for the maintenance and comfortable living: a kitchen, a terrace, a chicken coop, a pigeon house, a bar, a place for parties and meetings, a first-aid kit, a washing machine, as well as a cinema. Residents take turns preparing food. On the territory, there is a wardrobe and boxes for collecting things for further charity.

Inside the tipi there is no electricity, the housing is illuminated by a lamp, however, Flieger uses a tablet and watches movies from this tablet.

The man admitted that he was never married and prefers a free lifestyle.

He calls himself a shaman who feels nature, weather and even heals people.








He kindly invites all visitors to come and have a good time.

Currently, about 15 people live there.