Rosenduft Garten

Although traditional gardening with growing vegetables, flowers and herbs is a typical activity for a rural area, it can Rosenduft_2acquire a new sense in the urban space. Rosenduft garden in Berlin is a place that can offer much more than just lovely smell of roses or relaxing atmosphere.

The original idea was to provide women-refugees from the Balkans with work they used to do in their home countries, and help them to cope with traumatic experience they underwent. Nowadays the garden can be described as an intercultural community that unites people of different nationalities and religious believes, and helps to integrate the foreigners into the German society.


Everything is managed in a sustainable way, with a desire to preserve the good-old-times spirit – that’s why the majority of seeds were brought by refugees from their Motherlands.
In Rosenduft you can always find a cup of tea with wonderful home-made honey, rose syrup and, what’s more important – the inspirational example of turning an empty place near the public park into a cosy garden.


The adress in Berlin:
Möckernstraße/ Höhe Hornstraße
Park am Gleisdreieck,
Erreichbar über U1, U7 Möckernstraße
S+U Yorkstraße, M19 Yorkstraße




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