Queerbeet in Leipzig

K1024_DSC05999-1024x680Surrounded by huge residential buildings, there is a little oasis called “Queerbeet”. It opens its doors to everyone who wants to feel the nature in an urban space or for those who just want to be entertained. In this community garden, locals can have their own small gardening field to cultivate vegetables. Visitors have the opportunity to sit down on one of the benches admiring the diversity of nature in this garden. Regularly, events like Openair-Cinema, Workshops or Concerts take place here that combine environmental education with cultural and social aspects. And the most pleasant fact of this place is that you can enjoy the nature and take rest just for free!

Here you can hear an interview with one of the organisators of Queerbeet:


Queerbeet welcomes you in Neustädter Str. 20, 04315 Leipzig

Here you can find more information about this place: http://www.querbeet-leipzig.de/

If you live in or visit Leipzig and also you´re interested in sustainability, then you can check our audioguide and get more information about the projects in this city: http://urban-sustainability.de.vu/


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