Rigaer Straße

If you want to feel modern atmosphere of Berlin better, you should visit Rigaer Straße. It was named after the Latvian capital Riga. There is all: history, classic and street ART, non-formal communities …



Here lived fighters against nazism – Fritz Riedel and Ernst Pahnke, and writer – Theodor Plievier.




Nowadays many houses on the street are protected as historic buildings, although some of the older houses have turned into squats, and there are many new multi-storey houses. However, this street is a center of street art, and you will see a lot of different graffity on majority of buildings. Also non-formal communities (for example: http://xb.blogsport.de/xb-liebig/) occupy a few houses here.




To get to know better about Rigaer Straße, please, check out our video:



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