Being at home, I realize the full meaning of so-called ‘alternative living’. This project isn’t about squatting itself or what we saw of it. It’s more about my personal life. Now I start thinking of how I live, whether I like the kind of my life indeed or not.
I graduated from posh and pompous university and all that mattered for me was buying an expensive car and a flat in the center of Moscow because everyone did so. Now I come to the conclusion that there are far more options of living. You can easily do without cars and flats. You can just go to the river and set up a tent there. You can find good friends and start living together.

Public kitchen was a real discovery for me. I had never thought that you were able to have dinner in the street like that, paying such a small amount of money. There is no such thing in my homecity, so I would probably have never discovered that but for this project. I would have never learnt that I loved living with different people, having breakfasts and lunches together or even cook sometimes. I would never have spent a night at Teepeeland but for this project and people who were there with me. And I would have never learnt that I liked that so much.

There are teepees but no places to pee 

A lot of pigeons but you can try near the tree

“Ciao, Bella; ciao, Bella”

We bought twelve bottles of beer and now we are staying here 

What is queer? 

It’s all about the atmosphere.