Das Demeter-Gut Wulfsdorf




The Demeter-Gut Wulfsdorf is located in one of the Hamburg districts- Aabrensburg. Since 1989 it produces fresh, high-quality food, natural cosmetics, and sells them. Entering this charming area we were amazed with the atmosphere of pure naturality which the organisation managed to create almost within the city.
Much emphasis is placed on the technology of producing food. We were lucky to have a look at the process of meat manufacturing and saw work of professionals who followed certain technological sequences of operations to have environmently friendly and organic production. Beyound any doubts the same approuch is also typical of dairy and cosmetics production, planting fruits and vegetables.
Besides, the Demeter-Gut Wulfsdorf is a lovely place for families to spend time. They can enjoy bio-coffee and bio-bakery in a cafe, moreover, all visitors are invited to have a kind of excusion and look at cows, calves, piglets as well as huge gardening area.
One more important point which is worth mentioning is that the Demeter-Gut Wulfsdorf is not just a farm. It has its own community with developed infrastructure. This project promotes eco-friendly lifestyle and respect to the environment by using green- energy and planting food themselves. Members of the community also prove that even in the age of constant urbanisation it is possible to be close to the nature.
All in all, the Demeter-Gut Wulfsdorf can be considered an excellent example of coexistence based upon subsistence farming and urban life.
More Information:  www.gutwulfsdorf.de