RAW Tempel and Urban Spree

RAW Tempel is a modern Urban Spree with different clubs, bars, art workshops.


At the beginning of 90’s the initiative group of people living in west Berlin started to explore east areas of the wall. Then on the walls of industrial railway buildings appeared street art, soon appeared a well-known club called Cassiopeia.

Nowadays the RAW Tempel is a perfect place for young people to spend time at. In the afternoon people can visit a playground for urban alpinism, a cinema where films are showed in German with English subtitles, visit a skatepark or play table tennis. In the evening the place is becoming rather crowded: people come to meet with friends, dance, sing, grab a glass of beer and just to have fun and enjoy the evening. Every Sunday flea market is held. It is a nice place not only for shopping, but for feeling the Berlin atmosphere and selling some stuff (do not forget to reserve a spot a week  earlier!)

Urban Spree
The area got its name from the museum of modern art. Next to the art gallery are two bars and a tattoo studio, which are very popular around the berliners. The prices at the bars are not low, but this place is a must visit if you want to get to know the real night life of the German capital.

Address: Berlin, Revaler Str. 99