Fleamarket in Mauerpark

Consuming – what can you tell about this word?

It’s a process, way of living and thing we really need sometimes. Each of us has some things we use – clothes, books, food some of us more some of us less. Consuming considered to be something rather bad, but concept of consuming can also be performed in alternative way.



There are several ideas how to gain unique goods and be friendly to the environment in modern world. One of such ideas is flea market movement. In Berlin you can find more than seventeen flea markets all over the city. One of the biggest and famous ones is Fleamarket at Mauerpark. It provides you with lots of possibilities to buy the whole bunch of things you may need and also becomes a space where people can hang out, eat enjoy performances and even create a piece of art. Also it’s a possibility for people from the different backgrounds to communicate and to give for things they don’t need any more a new life. 

Going out from the public transport on closest stations to the Mauerpark during Sunday you will never be lost on your way to the Fleamarket. Flow of people moving towards rows of antiques and new hand made things, so you can just follow. Then musicians appears on your sight, selfmade didgeridoo player, young bands performing. And finally you entering the market….


There you will see shopping spots with second-hand things from their owners, vintage and self-made clothes, jewelry from artists and lots of vinyl. Once you get hungry you’re going to food quarter and finding yourself everything you may desire. Then, finally tired and satisfied after painting graffiti on the part of Berlin wall you can watch sunset sitting on the grass and being happy about your acquirements.


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