Urban gardens and the city

Traffic jams, crowded streets, a lot of stress and routine cares… But what if you want to relax, to breath the smell of flowers and to pet a funny lamb right now?

Berlin can make your dream come true. Urban gardens are very widespread in the city. You can go there with your child to read the book, with your partner to enjoy the moment after a difficult day or may be alone to listen to your favorite music. Urban garden is the oasis of peace and silence. But such gardens are beneficial not only for your soul. At the same time, there are additional practical use, because different plants are grown there.

scan19For example some time ago we visited «Glogauer 13». Beautiful flowers, hives with bees, the abutting library, mothers and fathers with children, companies of friends having the interesting talk… This is all about this wonderful garden. It goes without saying If you have a little time you should look in «Glogauer 13».
 Do you know that the «Zoologischer garten» is not the only place where you can meet a diversity of animals in Berlin? Perhaps the biggest one, but not the only one. We are talking about the «Kinderbauernhof». You open «Kinderbauernhof» gate and see a chicken running next to you. Donkey, ducks, geese, goat, sheeps…Do  you need more for happiness?..
This is like the alternative medicine. It gives you energy and a good mood. There are lot of children. Moreover, everybody is a child here- even adults and old people.

To conclude it is impossible to imagine urban space in Berlin without such gardens. We are sure every big city should have urban gardens. And we have reasons to say so. Small interviews helped us to find out that citizens like to visit such places and to spent time there. In order to inspire you to visit urban gardens we created a short video below. So, enjoy it and go!


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Text by Sveta Zavalina

Illustrations by Dasha Korba