ECF aquaponik farm systems or how to make our life healthier

Are you tired of plastic food? Are you afraid how food from a supermarket influence your health?

You really have reasons to worry about because you don`t know how it is produced.

So you should consider alternative business and production model – ECF aquaponik farm. And no doubt it is fully about sustainable urban development.

паукThis year two foodstuffs are produced at the firm– tilapia fish and basil. Last years they had experience with other plants but the basil appeared more cost-effective.

So let`s talk about the innovative production technology. Firstly It is an interconnected system where two  water circulatory systems (the first one for fish and the second one for basil) are operated jointly. Important for plants nutrients and minerals  are possible to add to hydroponics system without harming the fish. Each system can work independently during cleaning and maintenance works. The next tools are introduced into the farm: usage of fish excrement to enrich basil and rainwater,  the exchange of CO2 and warm air from the aquaculture in the basil greenhouse.




The systems are operated automatically and any problem can be indicated and solved immediately. Described points provide environmental friendly production process, cost-efficiency and high consumer important features of merchandise.

No business can operate without considerable consumers demand. Nowadays the demand for bio and regional products are increasing fast. Buyers make choice in favor of environmental issues andresponsibility for the future. They want to  return to nature.



It goes without saying nowadays we don`t have the opportunity to buy only ecological products like ECF produces. But we have the right development direction. Nicolas Laschke, founder and CEO of the firm, promotes his business model and invites everyone with individual projects to join the idea of aquaponik production. They offer help in working out business conception, calculating costs and earnings, creating production, marketing and sales plan and so on. But supporting within business community is not enough for spreading this concept. Government should back such businesses in a way, allowed in a country.


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