The Berlin U-Bahn

Life in an… U-Bahn

Berlin is the capital of Germany. A lot of people go throw the U-Bahn every day. It has already become a part of everyday life. Subway is a city inside a city.

Despite people taking it for granted, metro beams with life.

People use the subway to go to work, universities, schools, people eat there, sing, dance, talk, sleep, wait for the train, wait for friends, colleagues.

Subway is not just a transport, it is a meeting point, it is a possibility of earning money, it is a place to express yourself, it is a part of life. It mirrors the structure above. While affluent run to catch the train to the club, homeless huddle in warm painted corners.


The plastic of trash bags dimly shimmers under flurecent lights. The rattling of train wheels becomes background music for street performers. Thousands of people cross paths and then separate, never meeting again.

Graffiti on the walls screams with the voices of citizens. Street art is the only reminder that the uncaring crowd is made up of individuals. Self-expression prevails despite the pressure to conform. Dogs walk obliviously to the world of man. They are happy regardless. The impeccably structured smell of perfume mixes with the stench of garbage.
People meet each other. Become friends. Subway is a mix of beauty and ugliness, happiness and desolation, ups and downs, scurry and stroll.

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