Regenbogenfabrik, Berlin 2019

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The Regenbogenfabrik(Rainbow Factory) came into being in 1981 in the West-Berlin «Squatters-for-Redeveloping”-movement. Next to criticism of the inhumane building-policy, social-cultural issues were of special importance. A varied “Alternative Culture” developed within the district of Kreuzberg. Nonetheless much of these structures vanish today and since the neighborhood is changing rapidly we are still connected to that tradition. 

Focuses of Regenbogenfabrik are :

– Neighborhood projects uniting all age groups 
– Self-Management and support for self-help
– Culture and Media “from below”
– Connection between living, working and free time
– Co-operation of colleagues with and without handicap
– Democratic based decision making structures.

We need to use different legal frames: first of all the “gemeinnützige Verein” with Kindergarten, workshops for bicycle and carpenting as well as cultural activities. Secondly an organization named “UG” organizing canteen, hostel and bakery. In the third place the cafe which is run by an independently working “Wirtschaftsverein”.


Lausitzer Str.22, 10999 Berlin 
Telefon :  +49(30) 695 795 -22




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