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Urban Art

Situated in the heart of Berlin, the Urban Nation Museum was intiated five years ago and is the place for showcasing urban contemporary art. The museum describes its own purpose as being “an international institution for art, creative projects and social exchange”. In line with this idea the museum’s self understanding strongly supports the view that urban art serves social development.

Urban Art is one of the most popular art movements of our time and therefore the Urban Nation museum represents an omnipresent part of many neighbourhoods worldwide. Urban art ranges from street art, graffiti through many other visual forms. Their appearance in urban spaces generates at the same time their obligatory charactersistic for being characterized as urban art. Usually, these art objects in public space cover topics that are relevant to society, human behaviour and politics.


As part of our project “Urban Spaces” we visited the museum in August 2019. In the following video we show our perception of urban space through the interaction with the art objects.


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